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A Rush Out The Door

January 31st, 2009 cheri

As I have been anxiously engaged in pursuing my life from my Ideal Self, I have been enlighten, some days, moment by moment. The key to my Self discovery is the willingness and ability to come from a place of confidence in my own uniqueness and wonder in this world. In turn, each and every interaction I encounter is magnified by another’s uniqueness and the wonder about them. My life as been accentuated with a brightness and joy that can not be dimmed by today’s “doomsday” messages of the recession. The challenges ahead are not being naively ignored, just re framed as more opportunity for growth and connection with one another. So be happy. Celebrate your Ideal Self and embrace each moment as a new opportunity to create a miracle and fulfill you Ultimate Purpose!

Heart Power

December 15th, 2008 cheri

Where do WHISPERINGS FROM WITHIN begin afterall? It is my belief they speak to us from the heart since the heart is the first organ to develop in the womb and its beats bring on the first signs of life. Our brain development comes afterwards. The heart energy and magnetic forces are greater than any other aspect of our being.  In fact, the heart communicates more with the brain than the other way around.

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Growing Pains

December 10th, 2008 cheri

Aah!  Life can be a challenge at times. Well, okay, maybe most times…Especially when you’re at a time that you desire to grow and learn reaching for your potential. But, then again, what value is life if you spend your time avoiding the thrill of a challenge and settle for contentment. more »

Just Following the Promptings from Within

December 8th, 2008 cheri

 Since I am new at this blogging I have to wonder what I could possibly offer that a wider audience would possibly want to know. So I put it out there for the world to tell me. What could I have to offer that is of interest beyond my little world and that is not driven by ego? Ironically my Ego works differently than most or so I believe. My Ego tells me I have nothing significant to offer than another cannot share in a better way…yet; the promptings from within keep nudging me to share… Some days the nudging is so strong it about takes the air out of me. Then again, I sit to write and my mind is blank, I feel silly or overwhelmed by the process. What a dilemma!

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