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WELCOME to A Place for Your Ideal Self. 
My purpose in creating this on-line opportunity is to share the tools, ideas and insights I have gained through the 25 years of experience working with thousands of individuals to create their Ideal Self. I have witnessed the successes created by the individuals who openly shared in this forum.

I guarantee you will be motivated to join these inspired people. I believe I have reached a place in my career where I have observed and witnessed stories of healing and manifestations of miracles that can be shared in ways to contribute to your life as well.

Since we will not be fortunate enough to work together on a daily basis, I suggest you keep a journal to track your own “Aha” moments, which you may chose to share in our monthly meetings. You will discover profound and powerful truths form your own writings, and in the end, you will discover that the best teacher to come along will be your Ideal Self. Your spiritual journey has begun as you take on this challenge of self-discovery where unanswered questions are worked out from the inside out. You will find that you are no longer left to wander in every direction only to arrive at a dead end. The time to commit to change is NOW as you embrace spiritual inspiration from within and allow the energetic light transform you in ways only your imagination has taken you before. You are now moving from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary as you live the life of your Ideal Self.


The format for A Place To Turn, Inc. will be:

* A new Insight will be introduced to aid you in your journey along the path toward living your Ultimate Purpose as your Ideal Self.

* Answers to pending questions that can help you on your way will be addressed and processed to ensure you continually move forward.

* Discovery of your own personal journey to reach enduring peace and joy will be achieved.


I intend for this forum to be a safe and secure place, truly a place to turn where new information, insights and research are share. In addition, I will encourage personal input as desired. Therefore, I ask that we honor the confidence of each participant and not e-mail A Place To Turn to those not involved in the forum.