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A Place To Turn, Inc. offers a variety of therapies and services, and we accept most types of insurance.

Individual, Couple, & Family Therapy

We offer the following specialized services to help you in the various aspects of your life…

Modalities available for interventions:

Cognitive Restructuring

Behavioral Modification



Coaching-Goal Achieving


Hypnotherapy can help you improve life skills, achieve your goals, overcome roadblocks, face phobias, tackle addictions, reduce anxiety, face past conflicts and more.  Dr. Cheri McDonald has been a certified hypnotherapist for 10 years and has helped countless people overcome obstacles and reclaim their joy.  Read  testimonials of people who have been greatly helped through hypnotherapy with Dr. McDonald.

Family Custody Mediations

Mediation is a process to assist families in reaching agreements in a positive way with less conflict. This process helps give the decision power to the parents and family members, avoiding going to court and having a judge make orders. In mediation, Chelsea Ewing, M.S. works with the family members to discuss areas of conflict, explore areas of agreement, identify solutions to meet everyone’s needs, and foresee problems for the future.  At a Place to Turn, we offer custody and divorce mediations, and our main goal is the best interest of the children, making sure everyone is heard, and avoiding conflict as much as possible.  Mediations can be a way to make difficult divorces easier and less costly.  The following is an article discussing the benefits of mediation: Why Choose Mediation?


A Place to Turn is now offering group therapy sessions for many different age groups addressing a wide variety of issues.  Group therapy provides a way to create interactions with others with similar issues or circumstances and provides a safe place for expression and personal growth.  With the help of a therapist and the context of the group, it can promote interpersonal development as well is intrapersonal growth.  Contact us today to enroll!

Women’s Therapy Group

Covering topics such as: Parenting, Grief & Loss, Shame, Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, and more. Ages: Adult Mondays at 7:00pm

Teen Therapy Group

Covering topics such as: Social Skills, Self-Esteem, Emotional Expression, Anxiety, Peer Problems, Teen Issues, and more. Ages:12-15 & 15-18 Tuesdays at 5:00pm

Children’s Therapy Group

Covering topics such as: Social Skills, Self-Esteem, Emotional Expression, Anxiety and more. Ages: 8-10

Health and Wellness Life Coaching