Trauma Yoga


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Learn the benefits of this ancient practice.

Break Free From Anxiety

Break Free From Anxiety

It has been known for a long time that Holistic Healting modalities are a great way to reduce anxiety and relieve unwanted stress.

Become Clear Minded

Become Clear Minded

Another great benefit of Holistic Healings is that it helps you get rid of negative thoughts and disruptive energy.

Increase Your Overall Wellbeing

Increase Your Overall Wellbeing

Stress can play a big part in our overall health and when you reduce stress, you beging your journey in becoming healthier in mind, body, and spirit.



About Our Classes

More information on our Holistic Healing classes


Structured Classes

You will learn proper de-stressing via movement and stillness with our Trauma Yoga, Meditation and Sound classes

We also have classes to raise your vibrational energy, heal developmental trauma at the cellular level and enter your unconscious realms bringing forward your own healing tools from the inside-out

Red Light Therapy, EMDR, & Hypnotherapy 

And wait, there’s more to gain through awakening your spiritual insights and crossing your transformational bridge to manifesting your dream come true Self

Certified 5th Dimensional Energy Work/ Certified Reiki Healing; Hypno-dream work therapy and… 


DrCheriBreakFree™ Empowered Mastery programs—learning, growing and more permanent change via symbols and rituals of your creation. 


Experienced Instructor

Dr. Cheri has over thirty-five years of experience and her knowledge is invaluable when it comes to the practice of health and wellness.

Great Community

When you join our program you become a part of a supportive community that will change your life forever.


Join us on a Holistic Retreat.

We now offer therapy and wellness retreats! Come join us to explore new ways to open your mind and achieve total wellness.

During these exclusive events we will offer our clients the opportunity to do yoga, meditation, sound therapy with gongs, and energy healing sessions (Reiki).

If you’re getting serious about mastering health and wellness, then you will definitely want to make sure you get more information.

Leave stress and worry behind.

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