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Walk and Talk Therapy


Walk and Talk Therapy: Benefits and Who It's For at A Place to Turn


Walk and Talk Therapy is an innovative therapeutic modality offered at A Place to Turn that combines traditional talk therapy with physical movement in the outdoors. By walking side by side in a park or nature trail, clients can experience the following benefits:

  1. Physical activity and connection with nature: Incorporating exercise and exposure to nature into therapy sessions has been proven to have positive effects on mental health and well-being. Walk and Talk Therapy allows individuals to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and the calming influence of nature, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being.
  2. Freedom and openness: The relaxed and informal atmosphere of Walk and Talk Therapy, compared to traditional office-based sessions, encourages a greater sense of freedom and openness. Clients often feel more comfortable and are more likely to express themselves authentically, fostering a deeper therapeutic experience.
  3. Movement and embodiment: Movement stimulates brain activity, creativity, and emotional expression. Engaging in physical activity during therapy sessions can facilitate cognitive processing, emotional exploration, and the integration of thoughts and feelings. Walk and Talk Therapy is particularly beneficial for individuals who find it challenging to sit still or prefer a more active approach to therapy.
  4. Symbolism and metaphors: The outdoor environment offers various metaphors and symbolic representations that can be explored in therapy. Walking through different terrains or encountering obstacles can mirror the challenges individuals face in their lives. Therapists can utilize these natural elements to spark discussions, insights, and problem-solving.
  5. Break from the clinical environment: For those who feel uncomfortable or restricted in traditional therapy settings, Walk and Talk Therapy provides a refreshing change of scenery. By stepping away from the clinical environment, clients can engage in therapy in a more engaging and dynamic way, leading to a renewed therapeutic experience.
  6. Mind-body integration: Walk and Talk Therapy emphasizes the integration of mind and body. Engaging in physical movement during therapy helps individuals become more attuned to their bodily sensations, emotions, and thought patterns. This heightened mind-body connection deepens self-awareness and facilitates personal growth.


Again, Walk and Talk Therapy is a therapeutic modality that combines traditional talk therapy with physical movement and a nature setting, in which, the therapist and client engage in therapy while walking side by side. If this is your personal preference to your healing journey, we at A Place to Turn have it for you.

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