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Words from our patients

  • Cheri has been such a blessing in my life and with the way she has helped me I can't believe she doesn't have a million 5 star reviews.

  • I really appreciated our EMDR sessions and I felt that Dr. Cheri really heard my story and helped me through some very difficult negative memories.

  • Cheri and her team are excellent. I recommend A Place 2 Turn to anyone who is in need of mental health, life coaching or just plain support.

  • Finding a good therapist is far more difficult than finding a good medical doctor. I found two great ones at A Place To Turn — Kristen and Cheri.

  • Cheri McDonald has been a huge asset to my recovery from my PTSD my family was broken by a local government $75 million lawsuit that cost us everything in my rebuilding

  • my PTSD from the military time she has been able to identify issues that I was completely unaware of from my past and allowed me the ability to heal

  • through understanding the biological aspects of how my brain address is the trauma of having an alcoholic mother.

  • She gives me an opportunity to express the challenges and the pains they deal with on a weekly basis to keep my healing moving forward on my PTSD and my trauma

  • I don’t know where I would be without her assistance & her guidance to this point I have recovered very nicely primarily because of her help and understanding