Beth Sopkin


beth Sopkin

Beth Sopkin


Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
AMFT #114833
Supervisor Dr Cheri McDonald LMFT #27359

My name is Beth Sopkin, and I am a marriage and family therapist as well as an art therapist. Art therapy provides a nonconfrontational approach to helping clients express what might not be easily said with words. I use art in therapy to encourage unconscious thoughts and feelings to emerge, followed by healthy and safe processing.  

My role in therapy is to support clients in raising awareness of their feelings, thoughts, and needs, which can help lead to healthier choices. I use a holistic and client-centered method of treatment, allowing the client to lead the sessions at their own pace. I encourage clients to make small commitments to themselves throughout treatment in order to build self-trust. My compassionate and easy-going nature influences my approach to treatment as I invite my clients to display the same comfortability with their own authenticity as I do 

I have experience working with teenagers in the school system, addicts in rehabilitation programs, families within the community mental health network, as well as adults seeking to process anxiety, depression, and trauma. I enjoy working with a spectrum of children and adults to teach healthy communication and coping, as well as building problem-solving skills.


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