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Gottman Techniques


Enhancing Mental Health and Wellbeing With Gottman Techniques at A Place to Turn

Developed by renowned therapists Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman, Gottman Techniques are based on decades of research and clinical expertise in the field of relationship therapy. These evidence-based techniques focus on enhancing communication, fostering emotional connection, and strengthening relationships.

At A Place to Turn, our skilled therapists are trained in Gottman Techniques and utilize them to help individuals and couples address a wide range of relationship concerns, including communication difficulties, conflict resolution, infidelity, intimacy issues, and more. Whether you are struggling in your romantic relationship, marriage, or familial connections, Gottman Techniques can provide valuable insights and practical tools to promote healthier, more fulfilling relationships.


Benefit's of Gottman Techniques

Evidence-Based Approach

Gottman Techniques are grounded in decades of research and clinical expertise in the field of relationship therapy. The evidence-based nature of these techniques ensures that individuals and couples receive interventions that have been proven effective through rigorous scientific study. This allows for confidence in the therapeutic process for both the client and the therapist.

Enhanced Communication & Emotional Connection

One key focus of Gottman Techniques is to enhance communication and foster emotional connection within relationships. Our skilled therapists use these techniques to help individuals and couples navigate communication difficulties, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their emotional bonds. By incorporating proven strategies, individuals and couples can develop healthier patterns of interaction, leading to improved understanding, connection, and intimacy in their relationships.

Comprehensive Relationship Support

Therapists trained in Gottman Techniques can assist clients in addressing issues such as conflict resolution, infidelity, intimacy issues, and more. The versatility of the approach allows for tailored interventions that meet the specific needs of each individual or couple, contributing to the overall health and fulfillment of their relationships.

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