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Julia Arias, AMFT

AMFT #136153

My name is Julia, an associate marriage and family therapist that specializes in art therapy with a drive to assist diverse populations within a culturally sensitive lens.

I am passionate about working with children, young adults, and families who seek additional support in treating depression, anxiety, intergenerational trauma, increasing self-esteem and self-acceptance through a holistic perspective. I enjoy providing the foundation for others to learn, understand, explore, and evolve through art therapy while seeking to generate awareness and importance of mental health while destigmatizing the field through a multicultural lens.

My clinical training in art therapy provides me with a multi-perspective understanding of clients needs and processes through visual imagery and the creative process. I am recently certified under the University of LaVerne as a Heart Centered Educator, where I’ve attained knowledge of the detrimental effects of compounded stress in the body and how regulating breathing techniques aid to release and regulate our nervous systems.

If you’re interested in collaborating with me on your healing journey, please reach out to me for an appointment.

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