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Shelly Sonner, AMFT

AMFT #122049

Supervised by Haeley Nibarger, LMFT #116111

My name is Shelly Sonner a marriage, family, and individual therapist inspired to help individuals be the best person they can be for themselves. I work hard to provide my clients the social and emotional support necessary for continued growth on their journey of life. My work is emotionally focused on helping clients navigate through their anxiety, depression or trauma. I believe in taking a holistic approach to treatment to help clients understand their thoughts and help them build trust and confidence in themselves. I am committed to helping my clients create new and powerful emotional experiences so that they can find peace, happiness and clarity in their life.

I am passionate about working with adolescents, teenagers, young adults and their families. I provide a non-judgmental environment where my clients can safely process their challenges with the goal of helping them reach their highest potential. I also have extensive experience working in the school setting recognizing and responding to those who have been impacted by school related stress.

If you are interested in exploring your social and emotional health, please contact me for your first session and I will help to empower you!

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