A Writer’s Dilemma

Coffee and notepad

I am taking a great writer’s class–it’s a “Method’s Writing” class by Jack Grapes. I am discovering the old adage, “the more you know, the more you don’t know,” is so true in my case. You see, I was far from a scholar in the English arena throughout my academic journey.

As a matter of fact, my high school English teacher was the football coach. And yes, all he wanted to do was talk about the football plays of the day. The message I received? “Writing is not all that important.” Important or not, I have gained an appetite to write. I yearn to express myself.

I am gaining a love for words and the power they can have on our emotions as if, painting a tapestry of one’s visions, dreams and imaginations. All arts offer inspiration which can motive and bring forth god’s creations through our finite minds…all reminding us we indeed are infinite in nature.

Here we are again, back to the subject of the Ideal Self –the arts are one of the most powerful mediums to express our brilliance where our purpose is able to emerge in forms of beautiful images that not only give personal satisfaction yet potentially blessing endless number of lives.

This is where the seeds my desire began to blossom. After working with individuals for almost 30 years, I realized I have good knowledge to share and need to reach individual(s) by the numbers to fulfill my obligation and commitment to give back all that I been given.

As a result, I am committing to give all that I know to my readers. I may be slow out the gate, yet like the tortoise I am determined to get to the finished line and to take all who want to travel with me. So please join me on the journey of Self-discovery with the “I CAN” (I create and achieve NOW) dictum and together we will rock!! I look forward to your feedback!!

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