Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Aah! Life can be a challenge at times. Well, okay, maybe most times…Especially when you’re at a time that you desire to grow and learn reaching for your potential. But, then again, what value is life if you spend your time avoiding the thrill of a challenge and settle for contentment.

I once heard that to be content is equal to dying. Yes, once we enter this earth, all of us are starting the process of life and of dying…yet, pursuing our ultimate purpose and accepting the trials and tribulations as lessons to learn, we are in the continuous process of abundant thinking–our intelligences are growing and we are experinecing the magic of eternity.

Knowledge evolves into wisdom and wisdom brings with it a sense of purpose. Purpose brings power and power bring peace and joy. Once we know we are able to always start anew and create a life of abundance–no time limited situational “crisis” can rock our boat for long.

We then know we are on the path set for our journey. So lets smile, take hold and embrace the life God has given us and move forward with unwavering faith and allow the enlightenment come into our life versus the stagnation of mere contentment and early death.

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