Heart Power

Heart Power

Where do WHISPERINGS FROM WITHIN begin afterall? It is my belief they speak to us from the heart since the heart is the first organ to develop in the womb and its beats bring on the first signs of life. Our brain development comes afterwards.

The heart energy and magnetic forces are greater than any other aspect of our being. In fact, the heart communicates more with the brain than the other way around.

It could be said then that this shows that the whisperings occur from our heart and maybe with each and every beat, whether we acknowledge them or not. It our choice to listen and hear the promptings or our own Truth or look to the world to dicatate our actions and words.

It is my belief that it is the center of the heart that our Spirit enters our being….as we focus on getting in touch with feelings of appreciation, compassion and charity, we open the channels for an intimate communication with our Spirit. Whether you want to research and compile all the scientific evidence that is showing how the heart eminates 100xs the energetic field and 5000xs the magnetic field more than the brain to motivate you to embrace the power of your being, spiritually, emotionally and physically, or simply close your eyes and allow the feelings of appreciation fill your heart–you can stop and feel and hear your own WHISPERINGS FROM WITHIN!!

It is then that the magic begins. Not only will you learn that you have a Spirit, but you get the opportunity to hear those echoing of guidance, experience the miracles of compassion and bring out your Ideal Self!

So what does this all matter? Well since we know that like attracts like–the more we become our Ideal Self, then the more Ideal others are going to encircle us. Together we can embrace the world with more to have to share.

It is our Ideal Self that lives the perfection of compassion and charity that naturally comes from our Spirit. Hence, in the end, we no longer determine our state of happiness by what is going on in the world, rather it comes from the knowing our connection with God and to one another!

So go be happy…be one with your Maker and each other by allowing the power of your heart bring out the Ideal Self.

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