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Hypnosis: it's NOT what you're thinking

The Power of Hypnotherapy Past regression hypnosis is a type of therapeutic technique that taps into the subconscious mind to helps you gain clarity and insight into unresolved issues. It involves accessing suppressed memories, emotions, and other unconscious material to heal psychological trauma or traumas from past life events. This technique combines aspects of hypnotherapy with other healing modalities like psychotherapy, mindfulness, meditation, neurofeedback, and ketamine assisted therapy. Through trance induction techniques such as guided visualization, the individual enters a state of deep relaxation – allowing them to reach an altered state of consciousness where they can more easily access their subconscious for the total mind, body, and spirit experience. Hypnotherapy creates a state by which you can explore the subconscious parts of your being to tap into your deep-rooted memories, feelings, and experiences on an unconscious level. By accessing these suppressed memories, you can heal many physical and emotional ailments. The process includes techniques such as trance induction, visualization, and the use of affirmations. Through this form of psychotherapy, Holistic Integral Therapy (HIT), you can revisit your past while they remain conscious, experiencing a sense of closure within your whole (mind, body, and spirit) Self. Once in this receptive state, you can gain greater insight into their unconscious mind - which gives you the opportunity to heal via past regression or ‘time travel’ back to recollect traumatic experiences that were initially repressed by the conscious mind. By entering the subconscious realm of the mind, via trance inductions you tap into the inner healing intelligence for healing. It helps you recall past events that are responsible for the current issue and opening the way to work on the stored emotions and patterns to heal them. The process utilizes your conscious and subconscious by guiding you away from attachment to events in the past and the ‘outside-in’ focus and guides you to your ‘inside-out’ perspective so you can regain control of your life. With this hypnosis assisted by therapy, you can explore painful memories in a safe environment and find resolution to situations regardless of when they happened. Through regression hypnosis, we are also able to reach spiritual or peak experiences with ease. The effects of traumatic memory retrieval during hypnotherapy assisted by integration on a person's recovery rate can be profound. There is evidence that retrieving and processing painful memories from the past can reduce psychological distress and lead to long-term healing. Studies have shown that uncovering and resolving memories from past trauma has been significantly associated with recovery rates for clients who suffer from mental health disorders, such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc. As the inner healing intelligence brings to light the unresolved pain, loss, and grief to be address, the integrative therapy can begin for competing the healing. Trauma can have a crippling effect on you, leaving you in an emotionally petrified state of mind. Hypnotherapy can allow you to recognize the unhelpful patterns you have developed to cope with your distress and enable you to embark on your journey towards recovery. This work involves understanding the effects of traumatic memory retrieval during therapy along with your recovery rates upon completion of emotional processing tasks. Holistic Integral Therapy (HIT) provides the avenue for dealing and managing traumatic memories, allowing you to integrate and process emotions such as anger, anxiety, guilt, or sadness that may have been suppressed for long periods of time. In this context, you can uncover and heal related memories from past traumas as part of the process in a holistic and natural way. Regression hypnosis therapy opens the way to apply additional unique approaches in the healing this process including, Trance Induction Techniques, Self-Hypnosis Techniques, CBT and then when assisted by our Holistic Integral Therapy in particular, healing reaches the mind, body, and spirit for more complete and long-lasting healing. By entering a deep state of hyper-awareness, insights into the root causes of their issues are targets along with the insight brought to awareness cognitively, emotionally, and somatically in treating emotional pain, anxiety, and stress. It is a powerful tool for tapping into the subconscious mind and accessing deeper parts of the human psyche. As you open to the deeper aspects of Self, spiritual awakening can occur that opens perspective, offers answers and resolutions that only can come from the inner healer. Trust in the Self is unmatched as synchronicity of inner truth allows for more receptiveness to suggestions that will help them open the way for closure and lessons from any underlying issues. Hypnotherapy is commonly used for individuals who desire to gain control over their own mental state and access their subconscious thoughts more easily. Finally, HIT techniques such as addressing the mind, body and spirit can also be explored as methods for resolving situational problems during regressions hypnosis therapy sessions. Then, again, wrapping matters up with full integration opens the way for expanded resourcing in thought, feeling and sensations, connecting and expanding for a greater spiritual perspective in purpose. Hypnotherapy is magical in that you are in control and the inner healer knows where the healing needs to happen. It's been said that the unconscious mind holds powerful secrets about our emotional and physical health, and hypnosis therapy may be the key to unlocking them. By using regressive therapy and tapping into inner emotions, your inner healing intelligence can uncover hidden trauma stored away in your subconscious that has been blocking your progress toward healing. From chakra balancing to releasing stored memories, hypnotherapy is a gentle yet effective way of addressing your unresolved trauma and loss. Through guided meditation, we can access this hidden power of your inner healer to bring us greater clarity and empower you to move forward on your path of healing. With proper guidance and assistance by Holistic Integral Therapy (HIT), you can discover the strength within your Self to deal with any unresolved and traumatic experiences that cause difficulty in their life. The integration work of HIT can power up your unconscious mind and opening you to the wisdom from within on how to apply these therapeutic tools in accessing difficult psychological patterns that may be keeping you from reaching long-term health and happiness. By unravelling the emotional barriers stored in your subconscious, hypnotherapy assisted by HIT works to gently remove those emotional trauma blocks - allowing you to experience lasting peace and fulfillment. Unlocking the secrets held within your subconscious mind can help you to enhance your psychological well-being, better process information and gain greater clarity in your life. By tapping into this hidden part of yourself, through meditation, dream work, and spiritual exploration – you can gain a deeper understanding of who you truly are. The ability to explore consciousness and connect with your higher self allows you to start creating the life that you desire. Through the act of connecting with your subconscious mind, you will be able to uncover life changing benefits such as enhanced creative abilities, increased self-confidence and stronger intuitions about decision making. Those who tap into this power can find greater motivation, direction and purpose in their lives. — Have you ever experienced a "gut feeling" that your conscious mind had no explanation for? This is because our conscious mind is only aware of a fraction of what's really going on in our subconscious mind. By tapping into the depths of your subconsciousness and exploring the power of consciousness, you can uncover life-changing insights and truths that don't surface when operating in the conscious realm alone. Through meditation and self-reflection, we can become aware of the limiting beliefs, values, habits and mental programming that have been instilled in us which keep us from realizing our true potential. By connecting with your higher self through this journey of exploring consciousness, you can begin to uncover your own unique purpose as well as profound insights into yourself and ways to create meaningful changes in your life. In other words, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Everyone has an inner healing intelligence where our wisdom resides. This incorporates the marriage of the conscious and subconscious parts of our Self. Unfortunately, if you want access to this ‘knowing’ it requires making room in your schedule to commune with your inner Self. In this day and age, finding a space and time to connect with our subconscious mind has become increasingly important. By tapping into the power of our subconscious mind, we can unlock new levels of awareness, unearth hidden potentials, and learn to manifest desirable realities. Meditation-or light self-hypnosis, is a key tool to access your inner world by connecting with your higher or Ideal Self and exploring consciousness. Through meditation, you can cultivate the habit of connecting with your Self and viewing life from an empowered perspective. As explained already, the life-changing benefits that come from tapping into your subconscious through the hypnotic process are immense —this helps promote self-growth, awaken creativity, increase mental agility and aid in personal healing. Ultimately it can help you live a more meaningful life, filled with love and abundance.

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