Just Following the Promptings From Within

Just Following the Promptings From Within

Since I am new at this blogging I have to wonder what I could possibly offer that a wider audience would possibly want to know. So I put it out there for the world to tell me. What could I have to offer that is of interest beyond my little world and that is not driven by ego?

Ironically my Ego works differently than most or so I believe. My Ego tells me I have nothing significant to offer than another cannot share in a better way…yet; the promptings from within keep nudging me to share… Some days the nudging is so strong it about takes the air out of me. Then again, I sit to write and my mind is blank, I feel silly or overwhelmed by the process. What a dilemma!

This is where the WHISPERINGS FROM WITHIN comes about. It is these quiet whisperings that get me to move out of the box and to explore my existence in a new and, quiet honestly, scary way. Therefore, the impetuous to write and share my experiences with these echoes of my inner self.

As I have acted on them in the past, I have found my true and Ideal Self expressing Truth. Purpose manifests itself with greater clarity than if I follow the dictates of the external world surrounding me and simply “follow the leader.”

My stumbling block is that I have such admiration for others. In my eyes, “everyone” seems to know more than me, better than me and are smarter than me. Yet the WHISPERINGS tell me otherwise, these quiet echoes share than others know and many know more, but no one knows the world as I know it. “Arrogant?” No.

All of us know the world only as we know it. This explains the purpose. We each have an ultimate purpose. In fact, I believe we are Divinely positioned to express and experience what we committed to before our arrival to this earthly existence.

This very covenant we made is the mechanism behind the small inner voice that keeps us on track—if heeded. The problem is many, no most, are not taught about this Truth and how to STOP, LISTEN and HEED the internal compass that’s leads to empowering joy and everlasting peace, despite the challenges, trials and tribulations that are before you.

As a result, I have simply STOPPED, LISTENED and now I am HEEDING to this internal message. I am finding that once you HEAR, you seem to KNOW that what the whisperings express is TRUTH. This “knowing” cannot be denied, which makes it difficult to ignore—almost painful. If followed, your being is flooded with a sense of passion, energy and light that is intoxicating. This is the gift of expressing the IDEAL SELF.

This is the gift I hope I can soon adequately share the meaning, the know-how and create desire to live a life of IDEAL. This is THE purpose of my WHISPERINGS FROM WITHIN that is only beginning to be comprehended.

I chose to share it in this format because I want to simply express how such messages come to me without concern of my distorted perception of needing to impress and offer intellectual stimulation to be heard. As you have noticed, I speak with simplicity, scattered and with broken thought.

Am I ADD?-possibly a little. I am left-handed, which some have implied represents a bit of brain damaging within the womb. What I do know is I am me and I have discovered that I have an IDEAL SELF who is whispering messages of importance for manifesting my ultimate purpose—such a revelation is still overwhelming to me and most exciting to discover…a discovery that cannot be denied now that I know. YOU CAN KNOW TOO.

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