Miracles From the Whisperings From Within


What is a miracle after all? As a therapist, I have the privilege of working with people of all types and in the process, witness the healing powers of love, devotion and determination. Many times, if not most, miracles occur within the family unit.

Although, they may walk in my door fractured and in pain, the mere step of seeking a safe haven to bare their souls and find the answer for renewed peace and joy is a miracle in and of itself.

The momentum is in process–the mechanisms of healing at work. As the family opens their heart through their anger, pain and fears, they find common ground–unity begins to be mended. Together they clean and wrap their wounds and join in the journey of becoming whole once again.

As a therapist, I become a bystander as I anxiously record the changes that occur right before my eyes. The rage and tears become grins and laughter. The hopelessness dissipates as faith in everlasting change and growth embraces them like a hug of reassurance.

Once feeling alone among the lonely, now feeling loved among those committed to an united purpose of reaching their potential and ultimate joy.

May we all look within the four walls of our home and put away old anger, pain and fear by embracing the power of unity and commitment that only family can offer. Remember that family working together for the happiness for each other and the whole can manifest one miracle after another. What greater gift can one hope for for holiday season?

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