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Red Light Laser Therapy

What is Aspen Red-Light Laser Therapy and how does it help your mental health? As a longtime practicing psychotherapist, I am always on the outlook for interventions and tools to aid and assist our inner healing intelligence in offering long lasting wholeness. My Holistic Integral Therapy© (HIT) philosophy is that healing starts from within, how we show up for our Self and then, manifests without, in how we show up in our community and world. The sunlight feeds nature by sending its rays to the plants and foliage and bathing them with loving energy for growth and life.

Red light does the very same thing for the human body—mentally and physically infusing and healing from the inside out. Aspen Red Light Laser Therapy (RLLT) is a revolutionary laser treatment for a range of conditions, such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. This Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT) works by delivering light energy, specifically photons, to damaged cells, in which, the photons are absorbed by the cells, stimulating cellular energy production. It is this biochemical increase in energy that offers healing by transforming cells from a state of dysfunction to stability leading to healthier state. It is the only FDA approved RLLT to treat these conditions and has been gaining traction as a powerful alternative to traditional treatments due to its non-invasiveness and minimal side effects.

A Place To Turn has purposefully invested in Aspen RLLT due to their decades of experience and consideration of the necessity of training their clinicians in applying PBMT, respecting the use of physics principles, and engaging the tools of HIT, all ensuring full integration for more successful healing. So how does it work? In short, RLLT uses light beams of specific frequencies to penetrate the body's cells and stimulate healing. The PBMT works by increasing cellular energy and regeneration leading to reduction in pain, better energy levels, improved immune function, greater cognitive function, and positive emotional shifts to help improve overall wellbeing. The energy emitted by the laser stimulates cells which selectively react with its energy to help heal both the body and mind. It helps decrease anxiety levels, reduce depression symptoms, PTSD symptoms, aid in drug therapy management among other benefits and restore natural life processes - all while having no adverse side effects.

This treatment can be used over an extended period to make sure that the feeling of relief will last longer. In other words, this therapy works by delivering very specific wavelengths directly to the skin, thus providing a holistic treatment in conjunction with the integrated work of HIT for optimal mental health care. We are in ever-changing and growing times. As we evolve out of the pandemic era and enter back into mingling with life again, it’s imperative that we prioritize our mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being at the get-go. “HIT”- ting the ground, leaving no stone unturned, as individuals and society, we are more aware of the need to address the whole self, and as, more options are opening up to us there is growing recognition of the need for long lasting healing.

I am a firm believer in engaging the inner healing intelligence, working from the inside-out. As the body regains energy, healing from the cellular level –the heart and brain can re-engage at a high-functioning level for reprocessing, rewiring, and changing patterns that lead to healthier living. As a result, I advocate for embracing all adjunct tools and modalities to assist in integrating what is observed, remembered, witnessed, and learned toward embracing the knowledge from within of your blueprint for wholeness and continued growth. The RLLT assisted HIT therapy approach offers another effective avenue in healing from your unresolved trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD and more, as the laser light stimulates brain at the cellular level. The prefrontal cortex can become physically less depressed, normalizing the amygdala, and relaxing the nervous system; resulting in improved sleep, boost in endorphins and lowered anxiety.

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