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The Journey of Living According Your Intuition

I have been practicing psychotherapy for 24 years and through my experiences, I have learned the SECRET to achieving and creating ultimate peace and joy. How many of you have or know someone who has experienced a tragedy or has lost their way? In my breakthrough book, WHISPERINGS FROM WITHIN-CREATING AND ACHIEVING YOUR IDEAL SELF I take you from chaos to healing—turning your hell into a place of ultimate peace– teaching the concepts of transforming pain into joy and purpose.

My journey as an Author is actually mind-blowing for me. It is one thing to do the work and express what I see, feel, and seem to “know” in the moment. It is quite another to write it all down. I have read many good books on the value of getting in touch with the “true you” from self-help advice offering step by step techniques for improvement in a life situation that may be challenging for you to spiritually awakening promising enlightenment, yet although educational and intriguing clients seem to hit a barrier when it comes to applying the ideas to their lives.

As an avid reader and learner, this has proved to be a great frustration for me. “How do I help people help themselves?” It is one thing to get the momentum up and going with weekly therapy, but therapy is not meant for a lifetime commitment. We are built to govern ourselves and use the already built-in creativity to find our path for healing, joy and ultimate peace.

As a result, I feel I must create myself. I must find a means of putting my theory on paper so that one can practice and apply their creative insight within the quiet of their own home or desired surroundings.

At the moment, my journey has taken me to the edge of a cliff. As I look over the horizon I find my view hidden by an incoming fog. The fog is so thick I can feel the mist of its creation tickle my skin and surround me like a cool blanket. The chills from the cold cause me to shiver. My choice is to stand there and let the cold engulf me…I hate to be cold.

Or I can follow the whispering from within my being which reminds me what I already “know”. Despite the fog, the answers to what and how I am to share what I “know” will be found within my on a journey, as I experience it and as I create it. I just need to take the leap and LIVE my journey and share it along the way.

I have taken that leap. As I write this and for some time now I have been free-falling and sailing through the fog-ridden skies. Granted there have been those moments where I could see the sun of insight glimmer through and then there have been days where I feel I am only waiting to slam into the bottom of the canyon.

Then it came to me, isn’t that how life is a lot of the times? The reality is our life may be our life. It’s not what is dished out to us that defines us; it is what we do with it.

Although new as a writer, I am seasoned as an Ideal Self Seer with an ability to discern from the heart and teach you and show you how to manifest your Ideal Self, despite what life dishes out to you. I have learned the key to living a life with a sense of purpose that offers joy and peace.

In my book I am going to teach you techniques to give you the ability to understand that your breakdown is your breakthrough or your demise…you chose. You will learn the true power of choice and how easy and natural it is to key into your Ideal Self and live a life of truth.

WHISPERINGS FROM WITHIN-ACHIEVING AND CREATING OUR IDEAL SELF is a powerful and timely book as it intertwines the world’s cry for spiritual awakening with the much-needed tools to prepare one’s self to create life-altering changes. There have been many books and talk in the media of society’s appetite for increased physical health, emotional harmony and spirituality in their lives.

At the same time, we see more and more tragedy, be it, war, natural disasters, crime, and illness to name a few. All of which are taxing our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing seemingly more than ever before. The fact is we face the challenge to mature in enlightening and empowering ways that have not previously been asked of us.

As a psychotherapist of twenty-four years, I have had the privilege of witnessing thousands of individuals create miracles before my eyes as they have successfully applied the lessons shared in my forthcoming book. I have dedicated my professional and personal ambitions in creating the means for gaining the peace and joy that comes from living one’s ultimate purpose. As an Ideal Self Seer, l lead one across three transformational bridges where one can find a complete sense of wholeness and evolution from the inside out.

In doing so, one is able to gain a significant awareness of their uniqueness, leaving one with a greater feeling of empowerment and enlightenment. In the end, one can have an intimate connection with the Ideal Self and springboard into positive fulfillment. I challenge all to discover their Ideal Self where the heart and mind work together for the good of the individual.

Included are inspired stories from real-life experiences, including my own that manifest miraculous changes—all crossing the bridges of transformations and following the dictates of their WHISPERINGS FROM WITHIN. Make the decision now to manifest the same miracles. Be enlightened. Be the peace and the joy of a life of purpose!

If you have any miraculous stories yourself..please share. I believe we can’t be reminded enough of the strong and miraculous stories out that. After all, they say we all have a story to tell. Where has your intuition and inspiration brought you joy, answer your unanswered dilemmas, or possibly saved your life.

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